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Ways To Spruce Up Extra Wholesale Iced Tea

If you serve a lot of iced tea, then it makes sense to buy it in wholesale quantities. It's often cheaper this way, and you don't have to worry about brewing it on your own. And, since you have so much iced tea on-hand, you may want to take extra advantage of the situation and spruce it up in a few different ways. Here are some unique ways you can jazz up your extra wholesale iced tea.

Make "Half and Half"

"Half and half" is a term for a drink that is half iced tea and half lemonade. It's a delicious drink to enjoy in the summertime, and it appeals to those who enjoy citrus. Consider preparing a big batch of half and half ahead of time. You can fill a big drink dispenser cooler halfway with iced tea, and then dump in the same amount of lemonade. Using a natural lemonade is best, but lemonade from a mix will taste good, too. Then, when a guest orders a half and half, all you have to do is dispense some into a cup.

Infuse It With Raspberries

Technically, you can infuse iced tea with almost any fruit, but infusing it with raspberries tends to be really easy because this fruit is so soft. Raspberry iced tea is also exceptional. You can use up a few gallons of your extra wholesale ice tea by pouring it into a huge container, into which you have already mashed a bunch of raspberries. Use about a cup of raspberries per gallon of iced tea. Let it rest and infuse in the refrigerator for at least half a day before you start serving it. Only make as much as you can go through in two or three days, as you do not want the raspberries to start fermenting in the tea.

Mix Some Big-Batch Cocktails

If you serve alcohol, you can make some big-batch cocktails with your extra wholesale iced tea. This will make it easier for your bartenders to pour a drink quickly, and it will give you something unique to put on your bar menu. Vodka-tea is an easy one. Combine a 750-mL bottle of vodka with 2 gallons of iced tea in a big beverage holder, and you're set to go. If you want something fancier, peach tea is a good option. You can make it with a gallon of iced tea and a 750 mL bottle of peach schnapps.

Hopefully, this article has given you some fun ideas for jazzing up all that wholesale iced tea. Don't forget to pour yourself a glass, too.