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Helpful Tips For Serving Gelato At Your Upcoming Party

If you're hosting an upcoming party, you're probably hoping to serve a great menu to all of your guests. For dessert, you might be planning on serving gelato, for example. Serving gelato at your upcoming party can be a wonderful idea, and you can make sure that it's a hit if you follow these tips.

Defrost It Slowly

To keep your gelato as fresh as possible, you should store it at the coldest temperature that you can. However, as you can probably imagine, this can make it difficult for you to scoop it. If you want to make sure that you and all of your guests are able to scoop it out easily, just remember that it should be defrosted slowly; for example, for quality and food safety, you won't want to thaw it out on the counter. Instead, put it in the refrigerator for a brief period while you're getting your gelato bar set up, and it should be perfectly scoopable by the time everyone is ready to line up and prepare their sweet treat.

Buy the Right Gelato

When purchasing gelato for a party, you should purchase the highest-quality gelato that you can. It often doesn't cost a lot more than cheaper gelato, but the quality difference is often quite noticeable. You may even want to purchase a few different types of gelato that you can taste test before the party; then, you'll know which brands and flavors are best for serving your guests.

Buy the Right Amount

Naturally, you will want to make sure that everyone is able to get as much gelato as they want. However, you should remember that gelato is a bit richer than ice cream, so smaller servings are often sufficient. You can purchase gelato in smaller containers, such as by the pint, so you can purchase just the right amount for your party.

Serve Wine or Coffee

Of course, gelato is delicious no matter what you might serve it with. However, if you're going to be serving gelato at an adult party, you may want to offer coffee, wine, or both to go along with the gelato. If you're going to be serving wine, you may want to go with a dry wine; after all, sweet wine can compete with the sweetness of the gelato.

Serving gelato at your party is a great way to offer a sweet treat. By following these basic tips, you should be successful with serving delicious gelato to all of your guests.

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