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How To Use Dairy Powder Products

What is dairy powder? 

Dairy powder refers to all kinds of powdered dairy products. Dairy powder is created by drying out milk, cheese, or another dairy product and then spraying it in a heated chamber until all of the liquid has evaporated and left behind a fine powder.

What are the advantages of dairy powder? 

Powdered dairy products are easy to store and last much longer than fresh dairy products, so many people choose them for food produced on a massive scale, for restaurants, and food storage purposes.

What can you use dairy powder for? 

Different kinds of dairy powder are ideal for all kinds of recipes and uses. 

Powdered Milk- Powdered milk is the most popular type of powdered dairy; many recipes use powdered milk. It is great as a creamer in coffee or ideal for making a warm mug of hot chocolate. Since both these drinks are hot, the powdered milk is able to quickly dissolve and mix with the other ingredients, and it is less likely than fresh milk to scald when you are trying to get your pot to the right temperature. Powdered milk often tastes creamier than regular milk, and so is the perfect choice for a sweet and rich treat. 

Powdered Cheese- Powdered cheese is a powdered dairy product that is packed with flavor; if you need a concentrated cheesy taste, cheese powder is the way to go. Cheese powder can be easily added to breads and homemade crackers to enhance flavor and add a cheesy edge. It is also the perfect thing for making nacho cheese sauce. Some people even sprinkle it over their popcorn for a burst of flavor. 

Powdered Whey- Whey is the left over liquid from cheese making. It is a complete protein and contains a lot less lactose than milk, so it is easier for many people to digest. As a powdered dairy product, it is most often used in protein shakes and as a way to make sure that you have enough protein for a muscle building routine. You can also add whey powder to scrambled eggs or milkshakes for a bit more nutrients. 

Powdered Sour Cream- Powdered sour cream has a great tang and is perfect for having sour cream on hand whenever you need it. It is ideal for making chip dips or casseroles. You can easily add it to mashed potatoes to give them a little something extra. 

With so many different uses, dairy powder suppliers can hook you up with the best products for your needs. Many suppliers even offer organic dairy powder options.