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Incorporate Dominican Salami Rolls Into Your Weekly Menu

The Dominican Republic is a popular tourist location that is appreciated not only for its scenic beaches but also for its unique cuisine. If your loved one recently traveled overseas and brought you back an assortment of food items, including a couple Dominican salami rolls, you may be intrigued by these spicy slabs of meat.  Read on to learn about this product and for ideas for incorporating it into your weekly menu.

Learn About The Cured Rolls

Dominican salami rolls are cured, which means you can safely consume the meat straight from the package, and you don't need to worry about refrigerating the meat rolls. Take the time to read the ingredients listed on each salami roll. Each salami may contain beef, pork, regional and global spices, cornstarch, and rice protein. The combination of the ingredients depends upon the facility that manufactured the product, so if you were given salami rolls that were produced in opposing locations, you may notice a difference in the way each variety tastes.

To begin your tasting experience, use a fairly sharp knife to slice the end of each salami. Lay the meat slices on top of plain crackers, or consume the meat by itself so that you can savor the taste of each one. Use plastic wrap to seal the open meat packages and place the meat inside a dry storage bin. Of course, you can refrigerate the meat if you enjoy eating chilled meat products.

Use The Meat During Picnics Or Add Pieces To Homecooked Meals

If you sometimes like to prepare picnic lunches that can be enjoyed on your lawn or in a local park, bring the salami rolls along to be used during one or more of the homemade feasts. Salami slices will pair well with many varieties of cheese and can be used to prepare hoagies, tossed salads, or plates of meat and vegetable.

If you are going to be preparing a pot of spaghetti for your family, add thin slices or small chunks of salami to the sauce to increase the zestiness and thickness of the sauce. Lasagna or other homemade dishes that traditionally require meat can also be modified by adding Dominican salami to them.

There aren't any limits to how you can use the salami, and you may find that you discover the best meals purely by experimenting. Try adding the salami to many of the dishes that you are accustomed to cooking.