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Awesome Words About Maple Syrup As A Substitute Sweetener

Are you trying to consume less table sugar or avoid it altogether? If so, maple syrup might be a good sweetener for you to consider. The following information will help you to know what you should look for when shopping for maple syrup.

Beware of artificial maple syrups.

There are a number of syrups in supermarkets that contain words such as 'syrup,' 'table syrup,' or even 'maple-flavored syrup.' None of these are pure maple syrup, and some of them contain ingredients such as corn syrup that are responsible for giving them their sweet taste. True maple syrup will generally only contain one ingredient, which is maple syrup. It will be clearly labeled rather than contain a list of ingredients that you can barely pronounce. 

Maple syrup is derived from a natural source and offers nutrients that artificial syrup does not.

Pure maple syrup comes from the sap of trees. It has some nutritional value, but artificial syrup is laden with unnatural ingredients. These artificial ingredients are often added to mimic the taste of real maple syrup, but their quality is subpar. Many of them also do not taste like real maple syrup. This is something that is distinguishable by individuals who have tried real maple syrup. 

You can use maple syrup in recipes that call for sugar.

If you think that you are going to miss using sugar, you will be delighted to know that maple syrup is a good option to use as a substitute sweetener. It is especially a good option for your baked goods and may give them an interesting flavor. 

The color of maple syrup can help you get an idea of how it tastes.

Dark-colored maple syrups will have a more pronounced maple flavor than lighter colored maple syrups. If you are concerned about how maple syrup will taste as a substitute sweetener in your recipes, you should consider using light-colored syrup for cooking. You might enjoy dark-colored maple syrup on breakfast foods or as a sweetener in beverages such as coffee or tea. 

If you are buying maple syrup online, it may be possible to find out on the site where the syrup is sourced from as well as the hue of it. Some sites may also feature nutritional and palatable information that can help you choose the best maple syrup for your needs. Perhaps you have a loved one who has been told by their doctor that they will need to switch to a healthier diet. A gift basket with pure maple syrup in it would likely be appreciated.