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Attract The Health Concious Demographic To Your Cafe With Smoothies And Juices

If you're looking for a way to increase business to your café, then you should think about adding smoothies and fresh juices to the menu. These are popular with people interested in healthy living and clean eating. So, the early morning joggers who usually pass by your café, not interested in eggs and bacon or a muffin, might stop in to get a fruit smoothie or green juice.

Here's what you need to get started.

Juicer and Blender

These are the two main appliances to get. For a juicer, you should stick with a masticating style. These squeeze the fruits and vegetables using an auger design. They are quieter than the very loud centrifugal juicers that have loud motors. If you're keeping the juicer up front, then a quit juicer is important.

You should look for a bullet design blender. These are small, so you can wash them out easily after each use. They are also perfectly designed to make one single smoothie. They also don't take up much space on your counter-top.


You are going to want exotic ingredients, and wheatgrass is a great one to offer. You can have a small tray of wheatgrass growing in the window of your café underneath the sign that advertises your juices. When the customer comes in you can even clip the wheatgrass fresh from the tray. You want to make sure that people know that you offer fresh wheatgrass and not just dehydrated wheatgrass powder. This is why you need to have it on display. Many people can keep a jar of wheatgrass powder in their cupboard, but not that many have a juicer and access to fresh wheatgrass, so your cafe will get lots of stop ins if its clear that you offer fresh juice.

Organic Protein Powders

Many joggers, or people who have just been at the gym, will want protein in their smoothie or juice. So you should stock at least two types of organic protein. The first type will be organic whey protein. That is made from cows milk. The second type is organic vegetable protein powder. This is made from organic pea protein, barley protein, oat protein, or some other non-dairy source. It's important to offer the vegetable alternative to accommodate vegans.

Cocoa Beans And Grinder

An excellent addition to smoothies is cocoa. People love chocolate, and raw cocoa powder is a great and healthy way to let them enjoy it. Unlike chocolate syrup or powdered chocolate, raw cocoa doesn't have all that unhealthy sugar.

If you want to make it really impressive, have a glass jar with the raw cocoa beans on display. Situate a coffee grinder next to the glass jar and then grind the cocoa beans fresh when a customer orders them. It will become a must stop destination for morning joggers who want their healthy chocolate berry smoothie fix. Look for a custom cocoa bean supplier to help you.